Welcome to the Review Team!

Thanks for Confirming!

Okay, so now, that you’re ‘confirmed’, you’ll receive an automatic email with all current titles available for free download. Read whichever books you like! Just remember to please review them! I give these books to you for free in good faith that you’ll just take a minute here and there to review what you read.

How Much Do I Have to Write in a Review??

Hardly a thing! The more feedback I can get from you the better, but I’m not asking for a book report! If you’re new to Amazon Reviews, all you need to do at a minimum is just write a short sentence or two about how the book made you feel and what you liked/dislike about it–no big deal! If you wanna write a huge, long thing, go for it (I read them all!), but please at least just write a tiny, little something. The reviews that you, my review team, leave go a long way toward making my books more visible and improving my skill as an author!

New Books

Whenever I publish a new book in the future, I’ll be sending you an email with a free copy. If you have time and the subject matter is interesting to you, please download, read, and review asap. I’d really appreciate it. It’ll help a lot.

Questions? Contact?

If you ever have any questions or want to contact me directly, feel free to respond to any of the emails, and I promise I’ll write back quickly. There’s also a ‘contact’ page on this website.

So, thanks again. Below is a list of the books available for review (you should also have an email now with the same links), in case you’re excited to get started:

(These are links to PDF versions of the books on Google Drive. You can download them directly onto your computer/tablet/phone, or just read them online. Let me know if you have any trouble.)

Current Fiction List for Reviewing