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The Sniper and the World Eaters

Some call them the Zahnan. Others call them the World Eaters. In the main “Apocalypse Gate” series, Chad’s story, as well as the story of the children, Tommy and Jody, involve these horrors—these space locusts. Follow the story of two characters traveling across the ruins of America during the year after the opening of Portal Zero, when they encounter the dreaded beasts and learn more about the monsters from the diary of a dead Marine Scout-Sniper in Albuquerque, NM.

Emma and Henry have a plan. Even though the world’s gone to shit, they’re heading to Mexico, to try and live in relative peace on the tropical shores of Cancun. Colorado was full of zombies, and the farther south they travel into New Mexico, the less they see the ravenous dead. But now, there’s a new problem—strange, flattened cities that looked like they were carpet-bombed, and there’s hardly anything left standing. But the devastation wasn’t caused by bombs. Santa Fe and Albuquerque and other areas around these cities were destroyed by the World Eaters. And when Emma and Henry take refuge in the remnants of a grocery store on the north end of the city, they discover the body of an old sniper who watched the horrific creatures for a while, documenting their habits into his journal before he died…

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