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Being on the Review Team means that you’ll always get a free copy of my latest books when they’re ready for the last bit of polishing, and they’re in the process of being launched. Your reviews on whatever you decide to read will be very important to not only give me critical feedback, but also to help launch the books and make them more visible to the public!

Reviews don’t need to be Book Reports.

If you haven’t done this before, don’t feel intimidated by it. You don’t have to write 1000 words or anything. In fact, Amazon just needs a sentence or two. If you’d like to tell me about what you like, what needs work, problems, whatever–go for it. Otherwise, just leave a little blip about what character you liked, or how something made you feel. But do leave something. Leaving a review for whatever you read is necessary for me to be able to send you free copies of my books.

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