The “Planeswalking for Fun and Profit” Series

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The “Planeswalking for Fun and Profit” Series

Interdimensional Monster Hunting / Weird Fantasy Sci-fi
Cosmic Horror / Action-Adventure

“The Wyvern in the Wilderlands”
Planeswalking for Fun and Profit – Book 1

Across an infinite number of universes, infinite versions of you are reading this book description, and infinite versions of you read on, curious … except for that version of you whose house just got hit by a plane.

Jason Leaper of Earth isn’t special.

But there’s an alternate Jason Leaper out there who is, and his unexpected death launches the other Jason’s life into a wild adventure of survival, fantastic creatures and bizarre other worlds, parallel universes and other dimensions!

All Jason Leapers across the infinite multiverses have the ability to rift, to open portals and shift between alternate planes of reality. And when dead Jason’s friends–the last survivors of his interdimensional Monster Hunter crew–come looking for him, not-so-special Jason’s latent powers are awakened, and his life is changed forever! When Jason finds himself teleported to the Wilderlands, a vicious and primordial Earth overrun with dinosaurs, primitive savages, and epic wilderness, he’s cast into a visceral struggle for basic survival, and needs to figure out his rifting powers in a hurry if he expects to get home. And when the monster hunting planeswalkers finally find him, will Jason slay the apex predator in the region, and take his place in the Reality Rifters?

The Wyvern in the Wilderlands is a fast-paced survival story, and is the first book in the “Planeswalking for Fun and Profit” series about Jason Leaper and his Realty Rifters, Monster Hunters for hire. If you love books about guns, survival, vigorous and terrible mythical monsters, cosmic horror, DINOSAURS, and traveling to strange, new worlds … read this today!

Read The Wyvern in the Wilderlands, Book One of the ‘Planeswalking for Fun and Profit’ Series SOON!

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