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All of the books I write for kids are designed to subtly instill strong values:

  • Self-reliance
  • Friendship
  • Approaching problems rationally
  • Facing obstacles with bravery
  • Striving hard to accomplish your goals.

It’s important to avoid being ‘preachy’ in kids’ fiction, otherwise they won’t like it. So all of my children’s novellas are written with concrete plots, good characters that kids (and teens) love, and values shown through action and dialogue.

I’ve currently got new children’s books in the queue to publish under the name “E Patin”, but in the meantime, I’ve also got a (shh–super secret!) pen name where I’ve published 50+ extremely popular and entertaining kid’s books that I would best classify as “Epic Fantasy within a Video Game Setting”. If you’d like to hear when I finally publish books under E Patin, subscribe to the mailing list through the signup above. If you’d like to check out my other children’s books written under my nom de plume, follow this link:

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