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As an author of different types and genres of books, I’ve split my titles up among different pen names, depending on their subject matter:

  • Fiction – My fiction author name is Eddie Patin. Go to the Fiction page (click here) to learn about my works of horror, dark fantasy, and grim sci-fi.
  • Non-Fiction – My non-fiction name is Eddie J Patin. Go to the Non-fiction page (click here) to learn about my business, philosophy, self-help, and other instructional books.
  • Children’s Books – My children’s books author name is E Patin. Go to the Kid’s books page (click here) to learn about my lighter-hearted products revolved around children’s entertainment and the instilling of values and responsibilities into young ones.

You’ll also find a page that goes into more detail about me, as well as my blog, and a contact page. If you have any questions or would like to send me a message, don’t hesitate! And if you like my books, please don’t forget to review them on Amazon–it really helps!

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